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DebtNext Direct is a suite of software solutions designed to support the entire life cycle of charged-off accounts. From analysis of potential purchase files and management of accounts placed with third party collection vendors, to the handling of post-sale support document requests, there is a DebtNext Direct solution to fit your specific needs. Powerful, yet easy to use, DebtNext Direct allows you leverage the Next era of cloud computing without having to rely on internal IT resources.

DebtNext Buy

Debt purchasing is a dynamic and complicated undertaking. With DebtNext Buy all aspects of debt buying are managed in a single, customizable web-based application. DebtNext Buy is a robust yet straightforward enterprise solution built to meet the needs of today's debt buyer.

DebtNext Buy helps you evaluate potential purchases, integrating directly with your third party data providers and scoring companies. In addition, with integrated filters and rich analytics inside the inventory management tool, our clients are able to determine optimized strategies for the collection treatment of their accounts. Whether the accounts are owned or managed on behalf of a third party, powerful reporting tools drive decision making straight to the desktops of the end-users. Integrating in the industry-leading debt sales platform allows for true maximization on the recovery dollars realized for each account. All of this functionality is seamlessly and painlessly implemented within your business processes. Our web-based application can easily be hosted within our data center, allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of cloud computing without increasing your need for internal IT resources.

With decades of experience and tens of millions of accounts under management by our clients, it's easy to see why DebtNext has become the operating platform of choice for the Accounts Receivables Management industry's leading companies.

"With today's economic issues, it is imperative that we manage our bad debt effectively and the DebtNext application is a tool that will help us meet this goal."

"I have not seen a system in our industry that has the capabilities that DebtNext has and the ease of use of this system makes it useful for any originators of debt."

"Inventory and data changes are presented immediately and in ‘realtime' allowing immediate use of data status for sales, placement, analysis, etc."

"The Debt Next team is also extremely responsive to customizing the system to meet their client's needs."

"We ultimately selected DebtNext for the elegant and intuitive reporting features."

"The DebtNext Direct application has brought our company to a whole new level of performance. It provides a complete inventory management package, including placement/recall, media support, financial reporting, servicer performance reporting and more."